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Pre-Marital Counseling

An initial premarital session is an opportunity to explore your relationship as you prepare to take your commitment to each other to the next level.  We will discuss extensively about how you met, how your relationship has progressed to this point, and the reasons for increasing your commitment to one another.  We will also take a history of both of your families of origin to identify any family patterns that you bring to the relationship.  Due to the importance of the information gathering component for this session we allow up to 90 minutes for an initial session.

Subsequently, we will address topics including communication skills, blending of families, finances, home tasks/responsibilities, children, sex, and religion.  Together we will identify what each individual needs from their partner and investigate ways of meeting those needs.  We will also create goals for each individual as well as the relationship.  We understand that there are time and financial constraints, but would ideally like to have a minimum of four sessions to have the opportunity to give the time and attention necessary to any and all aspects of your relationship which may require exploration and discussion.

Finally, payment is expected at the end of the session.  When utilizing medical insurance to cover the cost of services copayments and deductibles will be collected prior to the therapist filing the insurance claim for you.  All other service fees can be paid in cash, check, or credit card.